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Package Design
Fresh Attitude
January 1, 2020
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Project Elements

Original Package
Final Product

Work Process



The company needs to improve their package design to minimize the impact their products have on the environment. A new package that uses sustainable materials and a revised marketing approach is needed to provide their consumers with confidence in purchasing the product. Increasing credibility by staying current with global matters of a healthy food line is needed to maintain and increase revenue.

  • The package used is not made from 100% recycled materials and some elements cannot be recycled.
  • The positive experience is interrupted by the unpacking process due the amount of waste generated.
  • Some plant-based material still affect the economy and deforestation.


Research sustainable materials in the food packaging industry and evaluate the return of investment on various options. Exploring various designs that use a less is more approach will reduce the amount of materials used. It will lower the cost of manufacturing and appeal to a demographic that shares similar values and visions for clean living.

  • Conduct competitive analysis, sustainable material research and define personas.
  • Use composite bioplastic and soy-based ink (recycled and recyclable plastic when necessary).
  • Enhance user experience by creating a design that is unique to the process; something innovative.
  • Compose a design that is modern and aligns with the lifestyles of the consumer and maintains a link the existing brand.



  • Sliding drawer box with divider and packets for sides
  • Energizing colours and patterns that add a playful facet to the experience.

Why it works!

Packing that uses sustainable materials appeal to the target audience and validate their decision to purchase, increasing the company’s credibility as a trusted distributor. Consumers are instinctively drawn to the product as the new design stills maintains familiarity but is current and trendy.

  • Creates a positive experience from purchase to tummy.
  • Reduces environmental waste by nearly 80%.
  • Generate new consumer interest and increases sales.


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